Mini Headshot Sessions are for the professional looking for a refresh-- say good bye to that stuffy old Linked-In photo and leave with a modern, colorful headshot that feels more you!

What's included?
- Background Color of your choice
-15 minute session
-Three edited images of your choice

The mini brand shoot is for the creative entrepreneur looking for new photos to better connect with their audience-- come with a prop or two and let's create some simple yet eye-catching brand imagery to kick off the new year!

What's included?
- 30 minute session on a white backdrop
-Inspo Moodboards for styling 
- 15+ images with both portraits and detail shots
-Short Camcorder Video Clips for Social Media 

Headshot Minis: $350

Brand MiniS $525 

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JANUARY 27, 2024

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Let's kick off the new year with fresh photos


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