Welcome to my little corner of the internet filled with all things bursts of color, creativity, and play filled with experimentation. Kick off your shoes and stay a while!

I'm all about creating artistic visuals as unique as the person in front of the camera. Whether it's through funky studio shoots, sun-kissed close-ups, or mixed media collages, I would so love to get you in front of my lens!

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check out the blog

This job has allowed me to do things like spend long summers in Japan, go on mid-week hikes in the Berkeley Hills, and blessed me with a schedule filled with with play, hustle, and a whole lot of creativity. And you know what? Even when I'm working, a lot of that feels like play too.

I love collaborating with my fellow business owners and creatives— Working with all you lovely clients brings me so much joy. I’ll spare you the mushiness, but I feel so incredibly thankful to everyone that has shared their creativity, vulnerability, and entrusted me with their businesses.

I know every business-owner relationship is different, but I'd be thrilled to play a part in your business's growth in a way that enriches allows for more play in your life, too. Personally, I can't think of a more fun way to make that happen than diving into moodboards, planning out a dream shoot, and stuntin’ in front of the camera. So let's make it happen!

I'd be lying if I said I always knew I was going to be a photographer. 

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of cringe-worthy themed photoshoots from childhood sleepovers (no, you may not see them), but me jumping into solopreneurship had little to do with photography at all.

I’ve always desperately wanted a job that would allow me the flexibility to be with my loved ones in places I loved and work with people in a creative collaborative way. (I’m an enneagram 7, hi!) 

My college days had me thinking, "Why not start my own business?" Easy peasy, right? *cue laughter* It may have not been the easiest path but I’m so thankful to have stuck with the ups and downs.  


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"Zinah went above and beyond throughout the whole process. From planning the photoshoot with themes, style, and color palettes to the organization of the whole day, and of course, the finale of her artistic expertise when it comes to your brand photos! She made me feel so relaxed during our photoshoot with her encouraging and chill personality - I genuinely felt like I was doing a photoshoot with a bestie I've known for years. She brought out the best in me that day and I have photos to prove it!"


"Like shooting
with a bestie"

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